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♡ One of the cutest and most charming NPC in ACNH, Isabelle will lighten up your keyboard with her bright smile.

♡ made out of polymer clay and coated with UV resin
♡ each keycap comes in a choice of matte or glossy finish 
♡ baked on to of a PBT keycap with mx stem in DSA profile
 each artisan keycap is hand-sculpted as such there will naturally be some minor difference between each keycaps

‼️ please be gentle with these keycaps, because they are made out of polymer clay, they are more fragile than resin and ordinary keycaps. they may chip if not handled gently. DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, or any harsh chemical to clean the keycap.

‼️ please be careful when pulling them out with a keycap puller; it is best to use a wire keycap puller. I will not be responsible for any damage that occurs after the package has been safely delivered.

‼️ Orders CANNOT be cancelled once payment is made, so please be certain of your purchase before checking out!
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